A Member Of The GOP's (White, Christian) Base Unimpressed By RNC Multicult
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From: An Anonymous Member Of The GOP Base [Email him]

I watched the RNC,  like millions of Americans this week. One thing that stood out was the effort to appeal to Latinos and women. They had many keynote Latino speakers that spoke well. I am deeply perturbed with the open display of being Latino versus being an American. If anyone watched Luce Fortuño's speech, she begins with:

"I am the proud mother of 20-year-old triplets, a practicing attorney, a proud Latina, and a die-hard Republican!"

OK! I have no problem with three out of the four points she was trying to show off, but stating that she is a proud Latina, does irk me because if a white American said that she was proud to be white, then one can only imagine the uproar that would have caused.

If they are supporting a American presidential candidate, then why not state that they are proud Americans? Isn't that what every person who holds US citizenship should be proud of? So where is their 'American Pride'?

Why let Craig Romney address the crowd in Spanish just to get Latino votes?

If these Latinos want to be US citizens, then they should be addressed in English—just like other Americans.

The RINO Rubio only spoke of his Cuban immigrant parents and grandfather and nothing much about assimilating into the American fabric. He too belted out a phrase in Spanish which seems  mandatory if you are a Hispanic speaker. Hmm, maybe Ann Romney should've belted out something in Welsh to get more Welsh Americans to vote.

Another incident that irked me is the fact that a Sikh priest was brought to give the benediction on the second day. If this is a Christian nation, why do we need to bring in a priest from a pagan religion all in the name of multiculturalism and diversity? Isn't the Republican Party trying to float on values of Americanism and Christianity? We need to get rid of the RINOs in the Republican Party that prefer to lower their standards to placate Latinos and non-Christians just to get votes.

An American presidential election is all about choosing a leader who will preserve Christian values and most importantly the western values that built this nation and made it great. Let us not forget that.

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