A Lawyer Reader Says California's Ninth Circuit Court "Hammers Whites Daily"
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From: Wallace Johnson (e-mail him)

According to an Associated Press news release, the notoriously liberal United States Court of Appeals for California's Ninth Circuit ordered a new trial for a man convicted of killing the daughter of the former National Football League star Fred Biletnikoff.

The court cited racial discrimination in the trial of Mohammed Haroon Ali [A Muslim Indian from Fiji] who admitted that in 1999 he strangled his 20-year-old girl friend Tracey Biletnikoff. To support its conclusion, the court said [PDF] the San Mateo County prosecutor, Steve Wagstaffe, was improperly motivated by race when he dismissed the only two black potential jurors from the jury.

Wagstaffe said that race had not been a factor in jury selection and that prosecutors were considering whether to appeal the ruling.

Jurors convicted Ali of first-degree murder rather than the lesser charge of manslaughter. He is currently serving a sentence of 55 years to life. [New Trial Ordered in Killing of Former N.F.L. Star's Daughter, Associated Press, July 7, 2009]

Cases like this should be dealt with by the Supreme Court in one sentence: Reversed on the record below. However, it refuses to consider about 98 percent of applications, including all the easy ones like this, and instead spends weeks writing lengthy opinions, dissents and concurrences in a handful of selected cases.

Since it has no restraints, the Ninth Circuit continues to hammer whites daily.

Wallace Johnson is a lawyer

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