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07/17/09 - A Minnesota Reader Says Sen. Al Franken Wasted No Time Subverting America

A Washington State Displaced Reader Says Educating Foreign-Born Workers On His Dime Is "The Last Straw"; etc.

From: Ted Wilkes (e-mail him)

Re: Timothy Dunne's Letter: A Reader In The "Northwest State Of Microsoft" Predicts Washington Will Be As Bad As California After The Professional Emigrate

I am a displaced American worker whose job was taken by an H-1B visa holder from South Asia.

Now, thanks to a new bill passed by the Washington State legislature—at the urging of Bill Gates and Microsoft—that gives those same visa holders in-state college tuition rates, my tax dollars are being used to help my replacement earn a university degree and thus become a more valuable commodity in the employment market. [Bill Gives In-State Tuition To Foreign Professionals, Families in Washington on Visa, by Lornett Turnbull, Seattle Times, June 22, 2009]

As if I didn't have enough trouble getting a job, I'll now have to compete with a "diverse" candidate who possibly has university degrees from two countries.

To top it all off, these so called temporary visa workers (who may never go home) earn on average $92k/year—double Washington residents' average.

The expected family contribution for tuition for a family earning $92k a year is $22k. Therefore, temporary visa workers can comfortably afford non-resident tuition at every public college in the state for the three-year duration of their visa.

The Microsoft subsidy, passed in the blink of an eye by the King County Council, is the last straw!

In times past, immigrants made huge sacrifices. Most didn't come here knowing that they had a job as the H1Bs do today. Many, including my grandfather, came here with no job, barely able to speak the language. Eventually, they assimilated, put down roots. Then, several years later, he returned to Italy to bring his family back with him to America.

My grandfather endured hard times for years, doing without his family that he could not support in America in exchange for the long term gain of citizenship for his family and their descendants.

Today, H-1Bs can afford to bring their families with them—but we're supposed to believe that it's too big a financial stretch to pay for their own education?

Pardon me if I don't cry crocodile tears for their so called misfortune. Foreign-born workers in America have it pretty good, even before the added plum of discounted university tuition.

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But Another Washington State Reader Cautions Against Blaming The Immigrant Workers

From: Gary Roggenburke (e-mail him)

I am sorry if letter writer Timothy Dunne feels that the Microsoft subsidy bill is another reason to be outraged about the presence of foreigners in America.

I disagree with him.

The beneficiaries of the bill, temporary visa workers, are not to blame. They did not ask for the privilege, and did not organize or lobby to pass the Microsoft subsidy bill.

Who's to blame? State House Democratic Representative Ross Hunter, Microsoft, and the "YEA" voting King County lawmakers who enacted "emergency" legislation requiring public taxpayer dollars to fund Microsoft private enterprise.

During the same legislative session, these lawmakers

Nevertheless, starting July 1, Washington taxpayers began paying for generous tuition benefits or families who did not request the benefit and do not need it.

The real emergency for lawmakers is to focus on Washington state taxpayers who are in need - not taking the money of people who are losing their jobs, homes, and savings to fund Microsoft greed.

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A California Reader Accuses Illegal Aliens In Los Angeles Of "Fouling Their Own Nest"

From: Monty Basgall (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: So Long California, Thanks For The Memories

A Los Angeles Times poll taken among Hispanics who are considering (hoping and praying?) about leaving the nightmarish city found that:

  • "Latinos were more likely than others to mention crime as a motivator for thoughts of leaving town. About 40 percent of Latinos who said they had thought of leaving cited crime, while 1 in 4 blacks did so and about 1 in 6 among whites or Asian Americans. Among blacks, fear of crime was another subject with a noticeable gender gap, with women considerably more likely to mention crime as a motivator." [Traffic, Schools, Job Loss Cited As Reasons for Wanting to Leave LA, by David Lauter, Los Angeles Times, July 10, 2009]

This is what is commonly referred to as fouling one's own nest.

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A Pennsylvania Reader Wonders Why Arlen Specter Is Using Spanish Language Images On His Website

From: Paul T. Karch (e-mail him)

If you go Senator Arlen Spector's website, you will see an impressive-looking building at the top of the page. 

In between the columns of this building are the letters: T E S O R O S  or tesoros which means "treasures" in Spanish.[Click here for image, Specter's site rotates the header image.]

What is that?

Maybe George Soros' real name is T. E. Soros and this is homage to him for spreading his treasonous money among the treasonous segment of society (viz. the Democrat Party, and sundry other subversives.)

Joe Guzzardi adds: Even though Specter is nearly 80, he still has the get-up-and-go to stay awake until 1:00 A.M to vote for S. 909. Now that shows how dedicated Specter is to destroying America by dismantling our freedoms.

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