A California State University Administrator Forecasts Educational "Cannibalism"
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From: Marcellus Armiger (e-mail him)

Another chapter in the endless California budget emergency is brewing.

Facing a 20 percent budget cut, the UC system now threatens institutional cannibalism. Some department chairmen at the University of California in San Diego suggest that drastic measures are in order—namely cutting services at less prestigious campuses like Riverside and Santa Cruz to preserve the elite schools like Berkeley and UCLA. 

Also under discussion is the possible closure of some UC campuses.

While this may not happen for a year or so, it is inevitable within the next five years. The California State University system won't be far behind. [Proposals to Shutter Some UCs Hits Nerve, by James P. Sweeney, San Diego Union-Tribune, July 19, 2009]

How many universities will be shuttered before California's millions of illegal alien squatters here are kicked off the state gravy train?

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