A Law Enforcement Veteran Is Delighted With Trump's Progress On Interior Enforcement
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Re: Paul Nachman’s blog post Retired Border Patrol Agent: Things Are Looking Up, Enforcement-Wise

From: A Safely-Retired Law Enforcement Veteran [Email him]

The election of Donald Trump was profoundly satisfying for me, both as a retired law enforcement officer and as an immigration patriot.

The Border Patrol and ICE agents supported Donald Trump almost uniformly. The vast majority of the 750,000 police officers in America also supported Trump. The Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Donald Trump [PDF]. Hundreds of thousands of cops and their families quietly supported him. Many lived in fear of exposure, knowing they would be angrily attacked by the corrupt Democrat political bosses who run the cities, and control the city employees, through intimidation  and fear of job loss. Yet, the stakes were too high for them to sit out the election.

There is a good reason the immigration officers and cops backed Trump. There is an equally good reason they still back him. He promised to enforce the law and he promised to allow them to enforce the law. He didn’t side with the illegal criminals or the thugs who have been given free run of the streets of our major cities.

On the Fourth of July,  as we watched a public fireworks display, standing in a park lined with American flags, I spoke with a Border Patrol agent who serves in Arizona. He is excited by the changes he his agency has already undergone. He told me they had been rightly accused of being a catch-and-release agency. But, in his opinion, that label understated the problem. He said, “The Obama administration made us smugglers.” They were ordered to arrest illegals entering the country, release them on a notice to appear in court on a date in the future, and then buy them a bus ticket to any city they wanted to go to. He went on to explain that the illegals were then free to travel openly until they failed to appear on their assigned court date. This gave them time to get well away from the border, deep into the middle of America, and disappear.

Is the immigration issue resolved? No! Have we done what needs to be done to completely, or as completely as possible, secure the border? Not yet. But it has begun. Immigration arrests were up by over 38% in the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency. Numerous executive orders relating to immigration have been signed. Those orders require changes from Obama’s administration and have added possibly millions of illegals to the categories of people subject to arrest and deportation.

Attorney General Sessions has taken a very pro-enforcement, pro-cop and pro-sentencing stand in the short time he headed the DOJ. The DOJ has been dropping its oversight suits and its reviews of police departments across the country, much to the dismay of the hard Left. [Jeff Sessions Does Not Think Your Local Police Department Is His Problem, By  Brandon E. Patterson, Mother Jones,  April 4, 2017] Organized protests by domestic terror groups like BLM have paralyzed law enforcement across the nation. Murder rates and violent crimes had surged in the era of the “social justice” war on traditional values, whites, and law enforcement that was sponsored by Obama and his corrupt DOJ.

The pace of change feels slow. It is. The President is under constant siege by the federal courts, the media, liberals of all ilk, and community organizing groups that have been funded for years with millions of tax payer dollars illegally handed over to help promote the socialist agenda of the people for whom Obama was and remains a puppet.

But on the ground we can already feel the tide changing direction. I have friends who are cops in cities all over the Midwest. They experienced an almost immediate change from one President to the next. Calls about illegals who were arrested for crimes went largely unanswered under Obama. Now, immigration officers not only answer the calls, the respond and take custody of criminal illegals. ICE agents have been raiding companies that hire illegals. They have stepped up enforcement to almost a fever pitch. The media and the Democrats have also reached a fever pitch in their opposition to the increased enforcement

America has been overrun by illegal immigrants for decades. Both parties have been deeply involved in getting us into the mess we are in. Donald Trump is struggling hard to change the status quo and is really doing everything he can. It will take a long time to fix a broken system that deteriorated over decades. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and yet they refuse to pass any meaningful legislation to help the President. He is forced to push on virtually alone.

I hope that VDARE.com readers will be able to hold on and not give in to what Deep State and the liberals want. They are hoping that we lose heart, that we lose faith in Trump and that we allow them seize back the nation Trump is making Great Again. I am in this for the long haul. DJT is the only Presidential candidate to take a firm stand on immigration. He is also the first President to firmly try to keep all of campaign promises. He is our last best hope for the future of America.

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