An Idaho Refugee From California Reports Ethnomasochists Trying To Import A Whole New Kind Of Refugee
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From: Alphonsus Jr. [Email him]

I recently fled Northern Mexico...errrr... Southern California for Idaho. Though the plague of cultural Marxism here in Idaho is certainly less virulent than in California, it definitely does exist. Here's a news story illustrating it:

Facts, Belief Clash During Refugee Presentation In Sandpoint,, August 18, 2017
The very headline reeks of cultural Marxism, which continues throughout the account written up by Keith Kinnaird of the Hagadone News Network (from which the Coeur d'Alene Press lifted the story). It turns out that the white ethnomasochist useful idiots running this "refugee" resettlement operation, Nick and Laura Armstrong of Boise, didn't quite receive a warm welcome in the Idaho panhandle. The comments below the story amplify this healthy sense of self-preservation among panhandle residents. This provides at least a bit of encouragement.
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