A Kentucky Reader Says Environmental Regs Will Block Fence Construction
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog post NY Times Denounces Border Fence. Liberal Readers Denounce NY Times!

From Chris Mallory [Email him]

Patrick Cleburne wrote:   

"What is ridiculous is to claim that a nation which almost two generations built 44,000 miles of Interstate in a handful years lacks the capacity to construct less than 2,000 miles of fencing quickly."

But you have to remember, those men  didn't have to worry about destroying the last breeding spot of the Texas Green Livered Bottom Leech, which is exactly the same as the Mexican Green Livered Bottom Leech but it lives north of the Rio Grande.  (Said leech is a made up example.) [VDARE.com note: Real-life example include the kangaroo rat, spotted owl, and snail darter.]

Any construction would be bottled up for decades by lawsuits by the tree huggers and people pretending to be tree huggers.

See a previous letter by Chris Mallory here.

James Fulford writes: In 2007, we had a letter from an environmentalist reader who pointed out that the Bush Administration planned to drive border fencing through the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, which would be bad for tortoises, but not actually stop illegals.

The problem is that the Obama Administration doesn't really want to build any fencing, and will both give in quickly to environmentalist and pseudo-environmentalists, and may deliberately plan fencing in places they won't be able to build.

But that doesn't mean we should give up—for one thing, the Obama Administration only lasts until 2012.

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