A Kentucky Reader Changes One Word in Senor Labra's Letter…See The Difference
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From:  Glenn Parish [e-mail him]

Re: Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos

The following paragraph is a direct quotation from Sr. Labra's letter except for the word "bigot" which I replaced with "parasite".

"The parasite needs his ethnicity to aid his unaccomplished life. He   can't win without his color.  It's his only asset. The parasite must blame someone else for his poor decisions.  A parasite's success depends on others."

  • If America eliminated welfare and Medicaid and twenty million hungry white men invaded Mexico to take twenty million jobs away from Mexican citizens because they would work cheaper, would all Mexicans who objected be bigots?  

  • If the white Americans sought out a Mexican spouse for the reason of obtaining citizenship, would Mexicans accept that?  If not, would they be bigots?  

  • If the illegal American worked for cash only and paid no taxes and Mexicans found that objectionable, is that bigotry?  

  • If the Mexican government forced hospitals to give illegal Americans free health care when Mexicans had to pay for it, would only bigots be angered?

There may be Americans who oppose illegal immigration because of bigotry. But not all Americans who oppose illegal immigration are bigots - any more than all illegal aliens are parasites.  

Mr. Labra's insolence will create bigotry where there was none.

Parish lives in Kentucky Bluegrass country where, he says, the horse farms and racing industry have lured thousands of illegal aliens to work.

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