A Concerned Reader Writes From Occupied Arizona
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September 25, 2003

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From: "Concerned in Arizona"

I am in my mid 40s, born and still live in Phoenix, Arizona. I work in the healthcare field. Thank you for your web site, I hope you can get Americans to get their head out of the sand!

Controlling immigration has nothing to do with discrimination or racism. It has to do with having limited resources,  overburdened assistance (welfare, Medicaid, AFDC, schools, hospitals, etc.) programs, spiraling crime rates and taxes, and not even being able to place an order at a drive through because no one speaks the language of the country they are living in!

Hospitals are closing here because they are losing money from taking care of all the illegals. We have citizens that cannot get an ICU bed in the hospital because they are filled with illegals.

The Arizona tax payers spent over 29 million dollars last year in our state alone on EMERGENCY SERVICES ONLY, for illegals. And a big thank you to all the taxpayers in the other 49 states who matched us with Federal funds. You paid for it also.

The ranchers along the boarder have to carry guns and their land is being over run by illegal crossing by the hundreds everyday.

Women run across the border to have their babies. The hospital must delivery the baby because that is considered an "emergency" and by federal law they cannot refuse her. The mother is rewarded for breaking the law by having the baby in the U.S., now a citizen. Now the baby and the entire family goes immediately onto Medicaid, FDIC, welfare, etc. I hope your getting the picture here.  

We are talking THOUSANDS of babies every month in Arizona border towns alone. I know other states like California, Texas, etc. have the same problems. 

Our schools are overcrowded and underfunded. They are overwhelmed daily with new illegal families bringing their kids in. The school is not allowed to ask for proof of residency. They can't speak English. And of course, the taxpayers must provide an interpreter, teach them in their "native language", etc.  

We now have illegals (you know...people who break our laws!) suing the state because we don't have "watering stations" in the desert to help them illegally cross safely into Arizona.  

America is going to hell in a hand basket! Wake up before we turn into a Third world Country!

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