A Kansas Reader Explains Why An Immigration Moratorium Is Urgently Needed
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From: Robert Cerv (e-mail him)

Regarding VDARE.COM's repeated calls for an immigration moratorium, I'd like to share my story.

I'm 61-years-old and now permanently unemployable because of my age. No one comes out to say that preferring instead to use the euphemism "overqualified"

Actually, anyone over 50 is shut out of what remains of the job market.

I have no benefits. My savings are gone and because I am old I am uninsurable.

Since I have no minor children, no agency will help me with anything except a reduced utility rate and occasional assistance with meals.

I am dependent on the kindness of friends.

Today's formula is to work all your life, make millions and save them under your pillow.

The alternate choice for me is not possible—to be an illegal immigrant and therefore a candidate for whatever employment remains.

Cerv lives in Kansas City.

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