A Former Forbes Reporter Calls Paul Craig Roberts` Anti-Republican Column "Ugly"—And Wrong
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From: James Samuelson (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Craig Roberts' Column: Wall Street Oligarchs Eyeing Social Security

What an unfortunate, undergraduate polemic by Roberts who could not be bothered to support his ugly, bromidic assertion that "Republicans have extraordinary animosity toward the poor."

Rather, studies have shown that Republicans give more to charity—volunteering and donated blood included—than Democrats who think buying Peruvian sweaters at art fairs constitutes God's work.

Also, Democrats, not Republicans, are the biggest beneficiaries of Wall Street's largesse.

President Obama's record $745 million campaign haul could not have been achieved without the help of Wall Street's $89 million contribution, also a record.

The President's Chicago buddy, Jamie Dimon is not only a Democrat Party patron but also the Morgan Stanley chief executive. That other Wall Street goliath, Goldman Sachs, is lead by Lloyd C. Blankfein, another Democrat Party member.

But none of those above inconvenient facts matters to Roberts who lazily substitutes innuendo for insight by scrawling clunky clichés, such as "Wall Street fleeces," "henchman," "Wall Street gangsters" and, oh that foxy phrase, "special interests."

Samuelson teaches high school English. Previously, he was a Bear Stearns equity analyst and a Forbes reporter.

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