A Houston CPA Says: Hike Visa Fees To Generate Billions!
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From: George Weinbaum (e-mail him)

Rummaging through my immigration files, I came upon this story from one of amnesty's biggest advocates, the Houston Chronicle.

Wrote reporter James Pinkerton:

"And although the immigration system is complex, the basic problem is simple: There are many more immigrants wanting to enter than the number of visas available each year under a quota and preference system implemented by Congress".

[Visa Backlog Puts Lives on Hold for Years, by James Pinkerton, Houston Chronicle, June 15, 2008]

If so, we have learned anything from "Uncle Miltie", aka Milton Friedman, raise the visa fee!

Auction off 300,000 visas a year (that's a lower number than are being handed out today).

Why 300,000? It's .001 of our current population, rounded down. 

My idea of a fair price: $250,000 each. That would generate $75 billion a year. Furthermore, any immigrant who can afford $250,000 would likely be self-supporting. 

Lastly, any illegal alien who entered without a valid visa might be charged with some variant of grand theft.

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