A Calfornia Reader Suggests Prince William Try Getting Into Cambridge On Diversity Grounds: As A White Christian Minority
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Here's a story about Prince William supposedly getting Royal Affirmative Action.

British press question whether Prince William's grades are good enough to attend Cambridge University

Published January 04, 2014
November 6, 2013.

Prince William’s announcement that he has enrolled in Cambridge University for a 10-week course has created a royal ruckus in the U.K as it seems his grades might not have been good enough to gain admission.

According to the New York Daily News the Duke of Cambridge plans on attending the prestigious Cambridge University this spring taking a custom-made course in Agricultural management in the School of Technology.

Members of the British media were annoyed that William gained admission as he only achieved an ABC grading on his A-level exams whereas Cambridge requires students to have an AAA grading.

"Admitting Prince William is an insult to every student, whatever their background, who got into Cambridge by getting the required A-level or degree results," columnist Melissa Berrill wrote in The Guardian. "It's an insult to every student whose A-levels and degree are the same or better than his, and who didn't get a free pass to Cambridge in spite of them. And it's an insult to everyone in the country who needs skills or training, and hasn't had a university course personally designed for them."[More]

C'mon they don't have a "diversity quota" at Cambridge?

Perhaps the Prince can qualify for admission under a minority diversity program as a white Christian English male (he is still Christian isn't he?).

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James Fulford writes: The British press is being stupid here, not for the first time. Prince William is the heir to the Throne, so the government should see that he gets a good education, even if he is stupid. (Which he isn't, as far as I know. Among other indications, he's a helicopter pilot.)

But the idea that it's an insult to the more qualified for the less qualified to be given university places is true. And it's the kind of thing white males on American college campuses aren't supposed to say. 

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