A Hispanic Reader Says Joe Guzzardi "Bugs" Her
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From: Griselle Torres (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: An Italian-American Says Basta! To Hispanic Heritage Month

While searching for information about Hispanics, I found Guzzardi's column urging that we should stop Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Does he have something against Hispanics? I'm half Hispanic and it really bugs me to see people like Guzzardi treat others as if they were less than human just because they happen to be from another country, in this case from a poor Central or South American country. 

As far as I am concerned, "America" is a continent—North, Central and South.

It is true that Italian-Americans have made significant contributions to the US but so have many Hispanics. Guzzardi isn't in any position to say that Italians have done more than the people George Bush praised.

My advice to Guzzardi is to stop being so narrow minded. Not all Mexicans or illegal aliens are bad people.

As far as Columbus is concerned, I absolutely despise what he did. He may have discovered America but in return he betrayed the native Indians, pretending to befriend them and then afterwards treating the poor souls as slaves.

Joe Guzzardi replies: No Hispanic Heritage Month is complete without a misguided letter like this. I did not write—nor have I ever written— that "Mexican or illegal aliens are bad people". And who, exactly, is treating others as if "they were less than human"?

Obviously, Torres needs a lesson in history (Columbus) and geography.

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