A California Reader Says Japan Still Doesn't Want Immigration
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From: Judy Payne (e-mail her)

Re: Jared Taylor's Column: The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants. The Japanese Politely Disagree

Here's an update on Jared Taylor's column from five years ago.

As an indicator of how little enthusiasm the Japanese still have for immigration, look at this story which states that, according to a survey taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 72 percent of hotel owners and operators would prefer if foreign-born stayed home. [Foreigner-Free Japan Hotels Want to Stay That Way, by Jay Alabaster, Associated Press, October 9, 2008]

Apparently even the prospect of income generated by tourists is not strong enough to persuade many Japanese in the service industry to encourage visitors. They claim that they are unable to support foreign languages and that their facilities are not suited to foreigners.

According to the story:

"Most Japanese inns and hotels that didn't have foreign guests last year don't want any in the future, according to a government survey released Thursday."

Some small inns have completely barred foreign guests in the past, leading to lawsuits and government fines for discrimination.

This "stay home" policy is at odds with the Japanese government, however, which hopes to attract 10 million visitors in 2010.

Let's see which school of thought prevails.

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