A Hawaiian Reader Says That On The Islands Obama's Mystique Is Vanishing
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From: Amakua (e-mail him)

In Hawaii, the political spin is on. Republican Charles Djou's victory in the recent 1st Congressional District special election recaptures a seat long out of the GOP's reach and gives the party hope that it can keep it in November.

Djou, who will replace gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie, is the first Hawaiian Republican in nearly 20 years to win a congressional seat.

In defeat, Democrats said the only thing they could—that Djou's 40 percent of the vote portends a short Congressional stay. [Djou Wins U.S. House Seat, by B.J. Reyes, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, May 23, 2010]

Although his immigration position is not well defined, Djou in Congress cannot hurt. Abercrombie, his House colleague Mazie Hirono and Senators Daniel Inoyue and Daniel Akaka all have "F" immigration grades or worse.

Meanwhile, throughout Hawaii, the Obama mystique is vanishing.

Unemployment on the Big Island rose to 9.5 in April compared to 9.2 percent in April 2009 while on Maui it increased to 8.2 percent from 8.1 percent.

High-paying construction and financial services jobs are all down but the low-paying leisure industry jobs are up. In other words, among the employed some workers have shifted from good jobs to bad ones. (Hawaii Unemployment Situation Improves Slightly, Associated Press, May 22, 2010)

If you ask around the islands, you'll hear many Obama supporters say that as far as they're concerned his promised "change you can believe in" turned out to be unbelievable.

What Hawaiians would like to know is where they can find the jobs Obama pledged to create during his campaign.

Amakua writes that he is one of Hawaii's "few" natives not complete taken in by the "Obama hype." His previous letters about Obama's "snow job" are here and here.

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