An Ohio Reader Says That, As Long As Federal Immigration Laws Are Not Enforced, Unemployment Will Remain High
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From: Jim Hickman (e-mail him)

Re: Edward S. Rubenstein's Column: American Worker Displacement Resumes—Immigration Moratorium Essential

As long as illegal aliens steal our jobs, corporations are not penalized for hiring illegal workers, executives are not fined and jailed for their treasonous behavior and major manufacturers outsource good jobs while Congress refuses to enforce the immigration laws already on the books, unemployment will remain high.

The federal government has sold Americans out completely.

The only safe job is a government job which actively promotes employment, preferably of Democrats.

President Barack Obama has expanded the George W. Bush policies of increased federal spending and centralization that will permanently harm America's future economy by making more and more of its citizens government dependent.

Hickman's previous letter about Americans in major league baseball is here.

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