A West Texas Reader Says Coronavirus Crisis Shows Gov't CAN Enforce The Border In An Emergency
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From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]
Our friends at CIS report favorable numbers and quick turnaround times at our Southwestern border. Apparently it is possible for the American government to stop people from crossing...given the will.
  • Under a recently announced agreement with the Mexican government, migrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who are apprehended along the Southwest border are being returned to Mexico in an average of 96 minutes.
  • Those migrants are not being given medical exams while in U.S. custody in an effort to limit their exposure to Border Patrol agents in particular and the United States generally.
  • Aliens with serious criminal records or arrest warrants, as well as those who cannot be summarily returned to Mexico, are still being booked into DHS custody.
  • The demographic makeup of migrants seeking illegal entry into the United States has changed significantly in less than a year. In FY 2019, 71 percent of all migrants who were apprehended by Border Patrol along the Southwest border were from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Today, 60 percent are from Mexico.
  • The number of migrants seeking illegal entry has also dropped precipitously, to fewer than 600 per day, down from an average of more than 4,285 per day in May 2019.[Emphaseses added.]
Apprehensions down to fewer than 600 per day

Then there's this, from Michelle Hackman on the CBP expanding its definition of family unit to include extended family therefore turning back more people faster.

Some good news for immigration patriots!

See earlier letters from the same reader.

James Fulford writes: It is good news, although it means that previously, the Border Patrol was granting "unaccompanied minor" status to minors who were, in fact, "accompanied". The figures also show that Trump's agreement with AMLO is working—Mexico is no longer letting Central Americans waltz through Mexico on their way to America.

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