A Florida Truck Driver Notes Mexican Truck Disaster, Says It's Coming Here
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From: George W. Warm (e-mail him)

As a professional trucker, I am concerned about Mexican trucks rolling across the border and not only because they under cut the American company driver and owner- operators.

Now that the first Mexican trucks have entered the U.S., I believe the safety of the people who drive the nation's Interstate highways is at stake. [Mexico Sends First Long Haul Trucks to the U.S., By Lisa J. Adams, Associated Press, September 8, 2007]

Today's incident in Mexico where a truck driver collided with another vehicle and killed 34 people is ominous. [Mexico Dynamite Truck Explosion Kills 34, By Juan Montano, Associated Press, September 10, 2007]

I have read the provisions in the Department of Transportation's pilot program. It is designed to put the independently-owned or smaller trucking companies out of business.

Will Mexican drivers be subject to a D.O.T. physical or a drug test? Will they be required to have insurance, post a bond, have fuel stickers, pay fuel surcharges from each state, undergo a background check from the Department of Homeland Security and take a test if they are going to haul HAZMAT freight?

Will the 80,000-pound maximum weight rule be enforced as it is on American truckers?

Last but not least, will they have to keep a log for hours of service?

The truth is no, they will not. According to the Truck Safety Coalition, it is illegal for Mexican trucks to operate in the U.S. without these minimum standards. Read its position here.

But President Bush will see to it that Mexican trucks will have free rein on the interstates with few if any restrictions.

In the meantime, we who are the Knights of the Road will to have to comply with the same restrictions outlined in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

Bush and his D.O.T. hacks show more concern for Mexico's interest and the illegal Mexicans than the people who play by the rules that and pay for the danger that policy of allowing Mexican drivers on American roads poses.

Warm, a combat medic who served in the U.S. Army from 1986 to 1988, is married and has two sons. His previous letter about his youngest son being attacked by Mexican thugs is here. Earlier letters from Warm include his calling for a repeal of the 17th Amendment and his dismay about Sen. Mel Martinez's appointment as head of the Republican National Committee are here and here.

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