A Florida Reader Reports His 6-Year-Old Son Mugged By Mexican Hoods
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From: George M. Warm [e-mail him]

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: The Mongrel Microcosm, A Texas Tragedy

My heart goes out to the Kerry family that lost one of their beloved pet horses because of brutal behavior by Mexican laborers.

I have a similar story. Four teenage Mexicans, ages 13-17, beat up my 6-year-old son for his $10 allowance money. My son lost two teeth and needed sutures. His mother, trying to protect him, got the wind knocked out of her.

According to witnesses, the parents of these thugs stood and watched on the porch across the street but did nothing to help my young boy as he was knocked about.

When the police came to arrest the thugs, a local Hispanic leader intimidated the cops. The police chief released the punks.

I took the parents to small claims court and was awarded medical costs. And I have a lien on the family's Lincoln Navigator.

Now I understand why Mexico is corrupt. While a child is being assaulted, parents are content to stand by and do nothing.

It is time to deport the criminal element back to Mexico.

Warm's previous letter calling for a repeal of the 17th Amendment is here.

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