A Florida Reader Says Reince Priebus Has No Business Trying To Reign In Trump
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From:An Anonymous Floridian [Email him]

Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, told GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump to tone down his rhetoric against illegal immigration because it is subverting the Hispandering that Priebus has been doing over the last four years.[Donald Trump warned by Reince Priebus about illegal immigration rhetoric, By Victor Morton,The Washington Times, July 8, 2015]

We all remember how the Priebus-led GOP did in the last run for the White House. (How did this guy keep his job?) The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is, no doubt, sore that Trump is polling in first place in North Carolina this week and polled in second place in Iowa and New Hampshire last week, while Priebus' University of Miami School of Law classmate, Sen. Marco Rubio (Reconquista-Florida) is floundering in the single digits after leading the pack before Trump's announcement.

The girly-man Conservatism, Inc. establishment apparatchiks and commentators are so irked by Trump's success thus far that, whatever the outcome, I am indulging in well deserved schadenfreude at their maladjustment. They learned nothing from the smackdown that Rep. Dave Brat (R - Va.) did on former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary for Virginia's 7th District in 2014 by making immigration patriotism the central plank of his campaign.

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