A Reader Reports That Confederate Flag Fever Has Spread To Rural Minnesota
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From: An Anonymous Badthinker [Email him]

The tiny Minnesota town of Erhard is in a tizzy about a Confederate flag spotted in a local parade—because the thought police told them to be! [Another Confederate flag makes appearance in Minnesota parade, By Adrian Glass-Moore, Forum News Service, July 7, 2015]

The success of our republican system of government depends upon the citizens' ability to think for themselves, but apparently that's a thing of the past, and has been for some time now.

It's "stupid," an "embarrassment," and "appalling" that one local resident is still able to think for himself! The goodthinkers will no doubt do their best to crucify this guy, employee of a local auto parts business. (He may lose his job—a firefighter in another Minnesota town was suspended for something similar that occurred on the third of July.)

We have become a nation of lemmings.

Regards, and please withhold my name because I'm one of the badthinkers.

P.S. I suspect that, as John Derbyshire recently posted, the majority of Americans are actually badthinkers, too!

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