A Florida Reader Says Barack Obama "Needs To Get His Ears Checked"
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From: M. Lawlor (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Barack Obama—The Last Yuppie

Barack Obama has given oratorical lip service about how he's listening to Americans.

But the people spoke loudly and clearly last spring, when the McCain/Kennedy  "comprehensive immigration reform" bill (amnesty for illegal aliens) was defeated because of a huge public outcry.

In fact, American voices were so loudly opposed that the Senate switchboard crashed from the sheer number of people calling to voice their vehement sentiment against amnesty in any form.

Yet from what I gather listening to Obama's campaign speeches is that he is not only for amnesty but also against the border fence.

Obama also favors continuing to give taxpayer paid benefits to illegal aliens like healthcare and schooling as well as to provide a new benefit with taxpayer funds to pay the attorney and immigration fees for those (legal and illegal) immigrants who can't afford them to pay them.

In the case of illegal aliens, this would mean they have money for coyotes but not lawyers. 

Certainly Senator Obama heard our message. If not, he needs to get his ears checked.

Lawlor's previous letters about the United Way aiding abetting illegal aliens and Yeh Ling-Ling's article in the Harvard Law School Publication, The Record, are here and here.

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