A Florida Reader Prefers "I Am Emma West" To "Je Suis Charlie"
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Re: An American Woman Prefers “I Am Brigitte Bardot” to “I am Charlie Hebdo”

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

It was nice to see you guys mention Bardot, who almost went to jail for speaking out against the diversity Nazis. [Brigitte Bardot's Cry In The Silence, By David Orland, September 2, 2003] However, people have forgotten that Emma West did go to jail for speaking out against multiculturalism that was erasing her culture, values,history, language, ethnicity and nation.Alone and outnumbered with her small child on a crowded London bus she spoke what millions are afraid to say.

Emma West is a white working class woman who got into an argument with some black people in a South London Tram. You can see the video here:

Miss West has now been arrested for her opinions and locked away, and her children have been taken away by the social services.

Of course, if she had been wearing a headscarf and screeching about the “kuffar” who were killing her brothers and sisters in Iraq/Afghanistan, the authorities would have looked the other way.

For a woman to have her children taken away because she expressed opinions disliked by the ruling class means we have come as close as doesn't matter to a totalitarian police state. I note that this has happened under a “Conservative” Government. Where are all those “Tory” MPs who like to preen themselves on how libertarian they are? Don't ask.

The Persecution Of Emma West, By Sean Gabb on December 2, 2011

Emma went to jail for offending those who want to dispossess a nation of citizens.

Thanks for fighting!

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