A Florida Reader Praises Ingraham And Coulter
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Re: Patrick Cleburne’s blog post Cheap Labor Lobby Housemaid Ellmers (NC-2) Calls In Amnesty Activists: Ingraham Ripostes

From: Delmar Jackson (e-mail him)

Patrick Cleburne wrote

VDARE.com applauds Laura Ingraham. No wonder she has been excluded from the DC and New York markets! Subscribe to her Podcasts here.

I agree about Laura Ingraham, she has shown herself to be a patriot.

I watch everyone on Fox who mentions the word immigration, and Ann Coulter, the amazing Pat  Buchanan, and Laura Ingraham are the only ones I have heard in the last 12 months mention an immigration moratorium or reducing  legal immigration.

I did hear Susan Ferrechio on the McLaughlin Group say the Senate bill was mainly to give corporations more cheap labor. Also reporter Neil Munro is consistently balanced in his immigration reporting, making him seem almost xenophobic compared to the rest of the media traitors immigration reporting.

The rest of the Fox pundits are weasels that hide behind “we need to close the border."

Laura actually gets immigration, understands how it will doom us and how cutting off jobs and benefits and defeating the next amnesty is so important. She is also fearless. Where are the men on this issue on Fox? And in Washington? Who is fighting besides Senator Sessions? 

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Patrick Cleburne writes: I didn't mention Ann Coulter because as I understand it she doesn't have a regular broadcast slot. Of course she deserves mention.

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