A Virginia Reader Says That Globalists Plan A Future America Filled Up And Paved Over
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From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

There is increasing evidence that both the government and business interests are in collusion to facilitate a massive increase in the United States population driven by immigration.  An example of this plan is manifest in this current propaganda commercial from Citicorp that proclaims in the opening sequence:

“Over the next 40 years the United States population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth will be in cities.”

What is unnerving about this forecast is that it is given as a matter of fact.  And there is no mention of who these 90 million people are, and where they are coming from!  Could it be…immigration?  From a mathematical perspective the current US population is 310M plus 90M equals 400M, a staggering increase of almost 30%! [VDARE.com note: Projections from the Pew Hispanic Center and the Census are actually worse—except that the Census includes a much lower projection based on hypothetical Zero Net Immigration—I. E. a moratorium. ]

The main narrator of the commercial, Jonathan Rose,[Email him] a developer, also states that if cities provide safe, green, affordable housing, and have access to transportation, jobs, good schools etc. then everything will work out, yadda, yadda, yadda.

However, the dreamy future portrayed for these high density cities will not be  the reality. High density urban populations results in downward pressure on wages, unaffordable housing costs, pollution, terrible commutes, and a general miserable quality of life.  Well, except for the executives of Citicorp who will be enjoying the profits.

Unfortunately, the US government and those of other Western nations (e.g. Britain) appear to be slavishly following the directives of global corporate interests who will gorge on profits from these oppressive population levels being fueled by treasonous immigration policies.  The well-being and desires of the citizens of these nations be damned.[ London's glittering spires: Nearly 250 high-rise developments planned for the capital, James Vincent, The Independent. March 13 2014 ]

Images omitted from the Citicorp commercial:

Hong Kong cityscape

Hong Kong

India train station

India Train Station

Shanghai air pollution

Looks like Shanghai, assuming you could see...

Scene from Blade Runner

Mentioning Blade Runner and immigration together is officially racist.

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