A Washington State Reader On Chef Eddie Huang, Ungrateful Taiwanese Immigrant
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Fresh Off The Boat, Chef Eddie HuangFrom: Robin Corkery [Email him]

One of the alleged benefits of the radical increase in diversity America has enjoyed since the 1965 Immigration Act is the vibrancy it has brought our formerly bland society.

Just listen to Chef Eddie Huang, profiled by AP. He's vibrating with rage:

... he speaks—and writes—through the prism of life as the son of Taiwanese immigrants, And though he seems quite fulfilled in his emerging role as a New York food personality, he makes clear he's still angry about what he has endured, and what many immigrants endure in this country

"This book [his memoir, Fresh Off The Boat] is about being an outcast in America" he says  “I wanted to write it while I was still mad. Because you get  rich, you get fat, and you say, it was cool. You look back  through rose colored glasses, I didn't want to do that."

New York , Huang explains is what the rest of America is supposed to be—but isn't.

"Here, I'm welcomed everywhere," he says. But I'll never forget how people treated me before"  Eddie Huang, food personality and a million other things, is out with a biting new memoir, February 8, 2012

The writer, Jocelyn Noveck, is apparently not what used to  be called an investigative reporter. Otherwise she might have asked Huang [Message him on Twitter] why he stays here when he could easily afford to go back to Taiwan.

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James Fulford writes: One of the reasons Eddie Huang hates America is that when he was eight, he was bullied by rotten little kids in school:

"Every day, the 8-year-old Huang brought in his mother's pungent Chinese food for lunch. He was ridiculed by other kids for his smelly lunchbox. Wanting desperately to fit in, he convinced his mother to buy him an American lunch.

"I was so excited at the grocery store," he says now. "I was going to be like THEM." But the next day, when he got to the front of the microwave line, waiting proudly with his chicken nuggets, a kid grabbed him by the shirt and wrestled him to the ground, using a vicious racial slur. Eddie fought back, physically, and he was the one who got sent to the principal."

What kind of kid (in a Washington DC public school) attacks a Chinese kid with a vicious racial slur? Using Amazon's Search Inside feature, I can answer that: it was "the one black kid" in his class.

It usually is. Most white Americans like Chinese immigrants. Most blacks don't.



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