A Florida Doctor Says Sudanese Mother Got Politically Correct Hospital Treatment
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From: Paul Byrd, M.D. (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Happiness Times Five: Sudanese Woman Has Quintuplets In Maryland Hospital—At Your Expense!

If the mother in this outrageous tale were a white American, the hospital doctors would be insistent that she immediately consider a tubal ligation since with her new brood of five, she already has too many children for which to care.

In addition, administrators would stress that quality in child rearing quality is more important than quantity.

For women of color this sales pitch is never given; it's simply not done. As insistent as the hospital personnel are that white women have future permanent birth control, there is a complete taboo on advising illegal foreign-born illegal women about family planning.

I once asked one of my ob-gyn colleagues why he never promoted birth control to mothers from other countries. His response: "It's against their culture and religion."

Funny but that never stops the hospital nurses and doctors from talking condescendingly about birth control methods to Roman Catholics or fundamentalist Protestants.

Brenda Walker replies: There is so much wrong in the Sudanese incident—I took an easy target with the media. Their highly effusive coverage was over the top, and would not have been so if the mother had been a white American.

It's reasonable to assume the woman took fertility drugs, but the press won't go there because of "privacy" concerns—plus admitting to using a fertility drug would distract from the "miraculous" angle.

I just about choked at the doctor's press conference going on about the mom's courage and beauty, etc

There's no mention either of Female Genital Mutilation in Sudan (90 percent prevalence) which may have caused the woman's late pregnancy—she is 28, which is considered old for childbearing in Sudan.

Will the four little girls undergo the brutal procedure? Nobody in the press will ask, or knows enough to. Such topics would undermine the Main Stream Media's cheerful diversity fable.

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