A Hawaiian Reader Says That The Only Certain Job For Unemployed Americans Is The Obama "Snow Job"
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From: Amakua: (e-mail him)

Re: A Michigan Reader Speculates That Barack Obama Has Smitten Joe Guzzardi

Maybe Barack Obama really is a magician as suggested by Michigan letter writer, Ralph Shafer.

Regarding jobs, about a month ago Obama claimed that he would create 2.5 million new ones. Then suddenly last week, the number Obama threw around rose to 3 million.[Obama's Economic Plan, by Dan Gainor, Hawaii Reporter, January 8, 2009]

Now, magically, Obama estimates that the number of "new/saved" jobs will be 4 million or higher.

Apparently, Obama has the gift of increasing employment by 1.5 million jobs—a huge number, let me assure you—just by snapping his fingers.

Although the employment market remains better for illegal aliens, the only thing unemployed Americans can count on getting is a continued "snow job."

Amakua writes that he is one of Hawaii's "few" natives not complete taken in by the "Obama hype."

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