A Reader Reports On The "Racism" Detector
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December 04, 2003

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"Ramesh" Wants A Retraction

From: Marcus Epstein:

I thought that readers of VDARE may be interested in taking the "Implicit Association Test" that Sam Francis discusses in his recent column.  [12/01/03 - Hey, We Could Use This "Racism" Detector! by Sam Francis]

These were developed at Harvard and hosted by the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, "Tolerance.org"  Not only are their image associations testing to see if you find things wrong with blacks, but also Arabs, Asians, Indians, Homosexuals, the elderly, the disabled, and even the obese. After you discover your unconscious bias, you can take several steps to remedy your intolerance.

Strangely there is nothing to see if you are biased against whites.

Marcus Epstein [send him mail] recently wrote Indiscriminate Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: Why Is It Illegal To Check For Illegals

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