A Displaced North Carolina Reader May Outsource Himself To A County Where He Will Be Respected
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Re: Today's Letter: A New Jersey Reader Says Empirical Evidence In The Job Market Cannot Be Denied

My job in North Carolina was outsourced to India, so I'm looking for another... and looking, and looking.

Many companies have pictures on their jobs websites of young, hip "multicultural" people who are so, so happy to be working there.

I'm over 60 and white.  Needless to say, I'm not encouraged by what I see and I suspect that's the intention.

A quick review of the H-1B online database shows that among the resumes I provided to SAS, IBM and Cisco, each has several H-1B employees.  As usual, the companies claim they can't find any qualified Americans. 

New Jersey reader's comment about suicides by white males rang true to me. 

My employer and my country have taken my job away and have made it difficult for me to find another.  I didn't work and pay taxes for over thirty years to end up unemployed and unwanted. 

Rather than suicide, I'm thinking of a cheap Third World retirement destination where my social security check and my gray hair will viewed with respect rather than disdain.

Joe Guzzardi comments: "North Carolina Reader" asked me: "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what happened to corporate non-discrimination policies?"

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