A California Reader Says Mexicans Think Reconquista Will Eliminate Any Need To Learn English
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From: Mike Vishniakoff [e-mail him]

Joe Guzzardi's Column: Can't Learn or Won't Learn? Either Way, Aliens Won't Be Speaking English

My parents waited two years on a small Island in the Philippines in a makeshift tent city for evacuees before finally arriving in America.

They have passed away, but their stories of waiting to come to America while living on the island with snakes, rats and hurricanes inspired me. 

My family assimilated immediately, English was no problem (no darn excuses).  My mother and father went through the process to become U.S. citizens before they died. They were very grateful to this country for all its opportunities.

Guzzardi's column rings true. After working with Hispanics in construction for over twenty years, I found that it was difficult teach them even the simplest English phrases. Many have never been to school before in their native countries, so they do not have basic learning skills.  They theorize that eventually California will return to Mexico and that they will not have to learn English.

Another side note: I returned to school two years ago after retiring from my job. I am currently attending a California State University. In a recent anthropology class, the professor began discussing the evidence that a group of Caucasian people had migrated to America before the Asiatic people we know today as Native Americans. 

You should have heard all the negative reactions from the Hispanic students…nothing but denial and pure hatred of anyone white.  I guess they fear that, once Americans learn history, they won't be able to use the "Go Back To Europe, Gringo!" slogan in their protests anymore.

Vishniakoff expects to receive his Bachelor's degree in Business Accounting in 2008

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