An MD Reader Wonders Why Paul Craig Roberts Loves To Bash Republicans
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From: Paul G. Fahlstrom (e-mail him)

Re: Mike Scruggs Blog: Bad Sign For GOP: Clinton Outflanks McCain On Immigration

For readers who heard the Democratic debate last night, you know what is in store for you: "comprehensive immigration reform" with a path to amnesty, i.e. citizenship

What, I wonder, are the Democrats' chances of winning? And where is Paul Craig Roberts to defend us on the Republican side?

Peter Brimelow once said that Roberts is on board at VDARE.COM because of his immigration views. I haven't seen much of that lately, but Roberts certainly loves to bash Republicans.

I'm beginning to wonder if VDARE.COM is serious about Roberts and if Roberts is truly our immigration ally.

Fahlstrom is a retired NASA aerospace engineer and former USMC pilot. His previous letter questioning Roberts' credibility is here.

Peter Brimelow writes: Of course, I wish that syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts would return to writing more about immigration. And I understand that VDARE.COM readers who are Republican loyalists are naturally distressed at anything that appears to facilitate a Democratic in the 2008 election. But we are a coalition focused on patriotic immigration reform—and nothing else. Some of our writers and readers are, in fact, Democrats.

The ignominious fact is that Republican control of the executive and legislative branch did nothing for our cause.

My opinion: a period in opposition could be salutary for the Republican Party. After all, if George Bush had been re-elected in 1992, the Republicans would probably never have captured Congress in 1994. Defeat could focus the party on its natural strategy—and, finally, get the immigration issue into play in federal politics.

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