A NY Reader Rejects "Briton" Label For Terrorists
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From: A New York Lawyer [Email him]

Re: "Britons" Planning To Blow Up Airplane? See Picture"! By James Fulford

I have to disagree with your proposed match of Donald Douglas Stewart-Whyte with the third man in the top row of mug shots in your incisive comment about how ludicrous and deliberately misleading it is to label these alien terror suspects in England as "Britons". (At least journalists don't try to pawn them off as "Englishmen"!)

Looking at the eight mug shots, seven look pretty clearly Middle Eastern, including your pick for Stewart-Whyte. The one who does not is the fourth man in the top row, who looks like a black man to me. None of the eight looks like any true Briton I have ever seen.

My guess unsubstantiated, I confess is that the man in the upper right corner is Mr. Stewart-Whyte. Lavish Caledonian-sounding moniker notwithstanding, Stewart-Whyte very likely is a West Indian or child of West Indian commonwealth immigrants. My point, of course, is that Stewart-Whyte probably is no more a "Briton" than the other seven, and the false label for this gang is 1/8th more misleading even than you said!

The reader is an attorney in New York.

James Fulford writes: The reader is right, I picked the wrong one, but he's wrong about Stewart-Whyte's ancestry. Stewart-Whyte, who prefers the name Abdul Waheed, is the brother of model Heather Stewart-Whyte , the son of Conservative Party agent Douglas Stewart-Whyte, and was born in Eastbourne, Sussex. According to his ex-girlfriend, his conversion happened after an incident in which some "Asian" youths beat him up. When he went to them to ask why, they apparently convinced him that it was because it was wrong of him to be an infidel. [EXCLUSIVE: MY LOVE FOR TERROR SUSPECT—mirror.co.uk, August 14, 2006]

This is bizarre, of course, but it could only happen in the context of mass immigration.

It happens that another Muslim convert charged at the same time is from the Caribbean. His name was Brian Young, and is Umar Islam. His parents came to Britain from the island of St. Vincent and he's the fourth man in the top row. [Sons of the stockbroker belt who converted to Islam, Times of London, August 12, 2006]

We were both wrong about which man in the picture was Stewart-Whyte, by the way. He's the wide-eyed staring man second from the left on the bottom:

He looks absolutely insane, and has a Muslim-style beard, but he's as British as Harold Macmillan.  The medical maxim "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras" is what racial profiling is based on. An Arab terrorist is most likely to be an actual Arab, next most likely to be a Black Muslim or, in the UK, a person of Caribbean descent (The "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, is the son of an English mother and a Jamaican father) and least likely to be a white Anglo-Saxon protestant like Stewart-Whyte or John Walker Lindh. But the fact that something is unlikely doesn't mean it never happens.

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