A CultMarx “Journalist” Wants To Sabotage VDARE.com’s Relationship With The Brave Browser
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Re: Be Brave And Support Me!

From: Will Sommer [Email him]

My name's Will Sommer, I'm a reporter with The Daily Beast. I'm doing a story on sites on the Right that are being kicked off payment platforms like PayPal, and how they're responding with ideas like VDARE signing up for Brave. I'd love to talk with you or someone else at VDARE about this move, can we set up a time to talk this week? 


Will Sommer

Reporter, The Daily Beast 

(703) 863-xxxx @willsommer

Peter Brimelow replies: Forty years in the Main Stream (admittedly financial) Media make me professionally sympathetic to this sort of request, but the ineluctable fact is that the MSM is now simply the Opposition Party and the only purpose of Sommer’s query is to sever our relationship with the Brave browser as part of the Totalitarian Left’s drive to defund immigration patriots.

Our next funding plan--charging well-funded MSM outlets for interviews.

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