An Australian Reader On Noticing and Not Noticing Race in Australian Rules Football
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 From: Phil Shannon [Email him]

The Sudanese-born Majak Daw and Aliir Aliir are two very fine players of Australian Rules football (representing the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Sydney Swans, respectively).

By ticking all the eligibility boxes for the Diversity Narrative (they are black, African, refugees) and by embracing Australian culture (the footy!), they qualify as immigration-redeeming Good Blacks and their race is thus to be Noticed, prominently, by Australia’s media, sporting and academic elites:

Their ‘refugee’ countrymen responsible for a long-running gang crime wave in Melbourne’s western suburbs, on the other hand, are immigration-kryptonite Bad Blacks and their race is thus Not To Be Noticed, or to be decried as ‘racism’ when it is, for example:

Thus endeth today’s Diversity lesson on when to Notice and when Not To Notice race.

Phil Shannon is a veteran Australian working class socialist, supporter and retired Australian Rules footballer.



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