A Conservative Republican Says Conservatives Have To Either Kick Out RINOS Or Start Their Own Party
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's blog post Business Opportunity In DC: Suppressing GOP Grass Roots

From: An Anonymous Conservative Republican [Email him]

I liked Patrick Cleburne's recent VDARE.com post decrying the suppression of  Republicans at the grassroots. I am of the opinion that we (card carrying members of the Republican Party), either need to split off from the Liberal wing of the party, or we need to kick out the Liberal Republicans. It would probably be easier to just simply start a new and truly conservative party. 

We could take the Tea Party members with us, the Immigration Patriots with us, the 2nd Amendment people with us, and all that would be left is the treasonous neocons and the Liberal Republicans. We either do that, or the Republican party is merely going to turn into the conservative wing of the Democratic Party (if it is not already).

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