A Connecticut Reader Suggests The NFL As An Example Of Blacks Oppressing Whites—Riley Cooper Would Agree!
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Re: James Fulford’s article  SALON’s Joan Walsh Thinks That There Is "No Social Order” Where Blacks Oppress Whites. She’s Wrong, Of Course

From Paul Streitz  [Email him]

You might bring up the website Caste Football   for other cases of virulent discrimination against whites.

See earlier letters and articles by Paul Streitz.

James Fulford writes: I was going to say that the NFL  was not a place where blacks oppress whites, since while blacks are a majority of players, and white players like Tim Tebow are discriminated against, blacks don’t own teams, and don’t occupy much of the front office jobs like coach or manager. (Hence the “Rooney Rule”.)

I was going to say that—then I found out about what was happening to Riley Cooper—see our article The Philadelphia Eagles’ Riley Cooper Would Have Got in Less Trouble for Committing Murder. And email me with any additional examples!

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