A San Francisco Reader Objects To Ann Coulter’s Defense Of Republican Anti-Racism; We Discuss
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Re: Ann Coulter: Killing History—Bill O'Reilly All Wrong About Bobby Kennedy's Civil Rights Record

From: Marcy Fleming [Email her]

Since the Civil Wrongs laws of the Sixties violated individual rights in so-called “public accommodations,” “equal employment” and “fair housing” why would you run a stupid piece by Coulter chastising the Democrats for not being Left enough here?

That Nixon started Affirmative Action and the separate Hispanic census category is what one would expect from such a clown who used to hail Earl Warren as "our great Republican Chief Justice." (!)

Coulter is simply following the Jonah Goldberg, et al, neocon line here.

She's flat out wrong and VDARE.com is doubly so for publishing her garbage.

See previous letters from Marcy Fleming.

James Fulford writes: We’re publishing Ann Coulter’s syndicated column so we don’t get to decide what she writes in it. We might sort of agree with you on some of your criticisms of Nixon's policies (Alexander Hart published two reviews of Ann’s book Mugged,here, one of which made some of the same points ) but I’m sure Ann has her own tactical reasons for writing as she does

Libertarian L.  Neil Smith has written, in an essay titled Tactical Reflections, that

Conservatives are accustomed to being called fascists and are well prepared to defend themselves on that ground.  Liberals are used to being called socialists.  Those labels can be  switched , however, and remain valid and instructive.  It also catches them completely unprepared.

By the same token liberals are used to being called traitors (by Ann herself, among others) and Republicans are used to being called racists. But when you call a Republican a traitor, and a liberal a racist, it makes their head spin, and they don’t know how to defend themselves.

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