A Connecticut Reader Says That Sam Francis’s Influence Lives On: Bundy Ranch Defenders Have Learned All About Anarcho-Tyranny!
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From Paul Streitz  [Email him]

The value of a writer’s work can be measure on the influence he has on future generations. Although Samuel Francis died in 2005, his work lives on and influences others.

On the Greta Van Susteren show on Fox News, she interviewed one of the defenders of the Bundy ranch in Nevada.  He clearly and persuasively talked about Anarcho-Tyranny, one of Francis’s main themes. 

The interviewee convincingly talked about how the government brought its full forces of armed men, Tasers and helicopters to take the owner’s cattle. Yet the same government refused to enforce laws on immigration, enforce laws against the political abuse of the IRS and refuses to implement the laws of Obamacare because the program is so obviously a disaster.

What Francis emphasized that the government only enforces laws against law abiding citizens and refuses to enforce laws against selected minorities. In effect, there is both anarchy (no meaningful enforcement of the law) and tyranny by only enforcing the laws against those already obeying it.

It should be pointed out that Obama only follows George Bush in his open refusal to enforce our immigration laws.  Under our current immigration law it is illegal—punishable by fines and imprisonment—to employ, harbor or induce  illegal aliens to come into or remain in the country. [8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens]But this measure a good deal of the Republican Party, the Dems, and a good deal of organized religion should be in jail.

The death of Sam Francis was a blow to all patriots. The fact that his work is still valued is an encouragement for all of us.

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