A Young Illinois Reader Suggests A Stop Order: If The GOP (And America) Reaches Bush III—Sell!
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s blog item Reps. Israel, Pelosi Wrong—Resisting Amnesty Is Not "Racist," But "Racial." Quite Right Too!

From: A Young Illinois Reader [Send Him Mail]


Whites have rights. Race is reasonable. Arguments coming soon from a GOP/Generic American Party spokesthing near you.

One would hope the political Right would come around to defending the interests of its base, but that would require a level of strategic foresight, principled incorruptibility, intellectual independence, and conservative temperament that is absent from the Establishment right today. The Left occupies the commanding heights, and Conservatism Inc. doesn't know, or at any rate it doesn't care. Indeed, we may well see the nomination of Jeb "Act of Love" Bush in two years time.

So let us hope that the GOP becomes the "Generic American Party," but we should expect the worst and plan accordingly.

I'm sure that Peter Brimelow, as a financial writer, is familiar with the concept of "sell discipline." The idea is that an investor should possess beforehand an idea of the conditions under which he would terminate a pending investment. A sale might be triggered by the full realization of predicted gains, or alternatively as a way to limit further losses. The proper application of sell discipline prevents the indefinite retention of an asset to no particular end.

I mention all this because the scenario that seems both most likely and most depressing with respect to the National Question is that patriots will continue to hope in vain for improvements in the political climate. Like the proverbial frog in a pot, they'll keep waiting indecisively while conditions (cultural, demographic, etc.) become ever more adverse. Conservatism Inc. will finally collapse, but only after the clock has run out for the nation.

Thus, my question for Mr. Brimelow is: "Where is our sell discipline?" I'm talking about the Republican Party, sure, but ultimately I'm talking about the Union itself. At what point in time, or under what conditions, must we accept that critical mass has been attained in the election of a new people, that the die has been cast, and that an amicable but meaningful partition of the country is the only option that remains to the nation?

That may sound melodramatic and distasteful. But I think it is a necessary question to contemplate.

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