A Washington State Reader Says Pols Who Support Illegal Immigration Have Problems Obeying the Law
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From: Robin Corkery (e-mail him)

Re: Dave Gorak's Blog: Sadly, Arrest Of Gov. Blagojevich Overlooks His Kissing Up To Illegal Aliens

I can't put my finger on why it exists, but there's a connection between politicians who support aliens that violated U.S. laws by coming here and the moral suppleness those same power obsessed sleazoids demonstrate in other areas of their lives. 

I'm referring to, among others, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and Abscam probe target Congressman John Murtha who also has a lousy record on illegal immigration.

Corkery is an alumnus of Notre Dame who served in the U.S. Marines. He became an officer of a New York Stock Exchange member firm that, according to him, "long ago became lost in the dismal swamp of political correctness."

Read Corkery's letter—a classic— about the nonsensical phrase "in the shadows" here; his other letters are archived here. 

Joe Guzzardi adds: The association that Corkery makes between politicians who look the other way at illegal immigration and their own flexibility in interpreting the law is undeniable.

Here are three recent cases from, you guessed it, Chicago:

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