An Illinois Reader Discovers Jorge Castaneda's Plan—Flood America With Illegal Aliens And Have Taxpayers Foot The Bill
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Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: Two Blood Boiling Potions from A Certain Slant of Light

Former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castaneda has said his consulates would encourage " militant action" to get more welfare and benefits for illegals in the United States.

This fascinating article from the UCLA Burkle Center goes into greater depth about Castaneda's grand scheme for Mexico to dump its poor and their needs onto the U.S. taxpayer's payroll.

Read it here.

Key excerpts:

"Let me just give you a brief example of the State of Oaxaca, which is probably the second poorest state in Mexico, the first one being Chiapas. There are roughly 6 million Oaxacanos, of which about 3.5 to 4 million live in Oaxaca. Another 500,000 to 1 million live in Mexico City, and another couple of million live here in the United States.

"Of the 3.5 to 4 million who actually live in the state it is almost certain that probably 80 to 90 percent of them have some combination of food stamps and what in Mexico is now called opportunidades and previously was called progressa and previously was called solidaridad, which is a form of direct assistance from the state to mothers with children in school. It is small subsidy but it is not a meaningless one.

"Another 30 to 40 percent (of Oaxacans) receive remittances from the United States. Oaxaca receives almost $1 billion a year in remittances from the United States. And a much more difficult to determine but significant number nonetheless is linked to drugs, to drug trafficking, both growing marijuana in the highlands and transshipping cocaine and other products from Colombia and points south to the U.S. and points north.

"So you have a very poor state where a large part of the population nonetheless has some form of assisted existence, which doesn't make it that poor any more. It is a strange type of non-poverty, because there are no jobs, there is no industry, there is not much tourism, there are no banks, there are no services. And yet it is a population which, while not living well is probably significantly above the poverty level in many of these cases through these three factors — that don't appear on the books."

Of course the Mexican government wants to move Oaxacans to the U.S. Almost all of them are on welfare!  With 30 percent of all Oaxacans living illegally in America, the Mexican government naturally wants to get as much cash as possible back to Oaxaca.

The best way for Mexico to achieve its goal is to have the US to support the 2,000,000 Oaxacans living in the USA so they can continue to send remittances back home to keep the State of Oaxaca afloat.

Ol' Jorge is up to no good!

The writer, a graduate of the Harvard Law School, is an in-house lawyer for a large international firm in Illinois.

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