A CO Reader Wants Eva Longoria To Go Back Sipping Cocktails And Calling Her Publicist
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07/24/07 - A Canadian Reader U.S. Needs Immigrants In A Global Economy; Joe G. Disagrees

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Eva Longoria: Desperate For More Immigration

From: Kurt

In Guzzardi's article about Longoria, the pampered Hollywood star and immigration activist laments the "hardships" of illegal aliens and offers the following opinion:

"It's an exploitation of people who leave everything behind: their country, their family, their lives, their language, their religion."

Really? Let's look at the things Longoria claims immigrants have left behind:

  • Their family: But most don't leave their family behind…unfortunately for us because we taxpayers support them once they're here.

  • Their language: If Longoria thinks that Mexicans leave their language behind, then why must I press 1 for English?

  • Their life: Metaphysically speaking, it's impossible to leave "your life" behind. You live your life wherever you live.

  • Their religion: This is an odd one. The last time I checked I saw plenty of Catholic churches in America.

  • Their country: Longoria's most ridiculous claim. Yes, they have left their country behind. That's what happens when you leave your country. Is Longoria suggesting that Mexicans should be able to pick up Mexico and carry it into the U.S. with them? That appears to be what they have done anyway.

I thank Ms. Longoria for her remarkable insights. Now she can go back to her elitist schedule of sipping cocktails, getting her hair done and calling her publicist.

In the meantime, the rest of us will return to our 9 to 5 jobs so we can pay for the immigration that Longoria supports so much.

The writer is a sales and marketing consultant in the Boulder area. His previous letter is here.

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