A Canadian Reader U.S. Needs Immigrants In A Global Economy; Joe G. Disagrees
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07/23/07 - A PA Reader Defends Columnist Paul Craig Roberts

From: Leonardo Arbelaez (e-mail him)

I don't agree with VDARE.COM's position about patriotism and the economy.

If you look for a job in the market place or access search engines like monster.com, dice.com you'll see that 99 percent of the job opportunities are for people with either US citizenship or a green card.

So what are you guys afraid of?

But if there is a labor shortage in the U.S., your country must adapt, otherwise the opportunities will move elsewhere.

You guys should see the big picture. Engineering enrollment in US universities is declining especially among native-born Americans.

Foreign workers spend money in the US—that is a good thing for you.

You guys hate foreigners. But the world is a global economy—adjust to it.

What do you prefer illegal immigrants or skilled professionals who are sponsored by major corporations?

The U.S. economy's amazing growth has been lead by foreigners who moved to America to develop their talents. If the U.S. stops receiving immigrants, it will become like France, which has developed no new technology and is struggling to pay retired people their pensions.

In conclusion, you guys should be more open or you will slide backwards.

Please understand that I don´t hate the US. I admire it. The beauty of the US is that you can criticize it in a respectful manner.

After all, we are civilized people, aren't we?

Joe Guzzardi comments: Of course, we don't "hate" foreigners. But we would prefer a level playing field when it comes to hiring professionals in engineering and other high skill jobs. While it is true that most corporations require green cards or U.S. citizenship, those who end up getting the positions are H-1B visa holders. The problem is that the employers declare that no "qualified" American is available—a blatant falsehood.

For more read my 2003 column: "CBS' 60 Minutes Hangs Tough on Dispossessing Americans," Norm Matloff's reply to an Indian reader who asks the same questions as Arbelaez and Ed Rubenstein's analysis of graduate enrollment by citizenship that debunks the theory that Americans are not pursuing engineering degrees.

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