A Medically Knowledgeable Reader Refutes Claims Of "Racism" In Ebola Treatment
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog item  Ebola Guy’s Family Ramping Up Discrimination Lawsuit

From: Olivia Bell [Email her]

This might help refute claims of racism from the family of the Liberian patient who died in Texas— and mainstream media.

The first European Ebola patient, Spanish priest Miguel Pajares, died after being treated with the experimental drug ZMapp.

The second Spanish priest was denied medication for the same reason they denied it to the Liberian in Texas. The global community was out of it.

Both cases occurred before the Liberian man died in Dallas.

Zmapp’s manufacturers, based in San Diego, criticized for not catering to African Ebola patients but only to Westerners said the following:

"The Ebola drug given to two Americans and a Spanish priest has been sent to treat infected doctors in two West African countries, and the supply of the medicine is now gone."

Ebola Drug Supply Is Exhausted After Doses Sent to Africa, by Caroline Chen and Robert Langreth, Bloomberg, August 12, 2014

Given that Zmapp is a 6 month process to make, could it be that scarcity is the culprit here and not racism since West African countries were given similar doses to those given selfless, Christian servants?

In other words, instead of thanking Western Christians for risking their own lives, they are targeted and shamed for not (all) dying simply because they hail from First World lands.

Third World conditions that make Ebola thrive should be the real issue discussed and not how limited First World medicine can bail out what seems to be utter failure at Ebola containment.


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