A Texan Reader Fears That The Death Of Ebola Patient Zero Will Allow Obama And The MSM To Declare The Crisis Over
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A. W. Morgan's post Liberian Immigrant Ebola Carrier Thomas Duncan Dies–Called “U. S Patient” And “Texas Ebola Patient” By MSM

From: Henry McCulloch [email him]

This is very sad, but look for it to become the anchor of a federal (and media) propaganda campaign that America has no Ebola problem: It died with the unfortunate Mr. Duncan!  And so we'll send legions of GIs into the Ebola Zone to risk infection, and we'll continue not to restrict travel to and from the Ebola Zone. [Dallas Ebola Patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, Dies, NYT, By Manny Fernandez October 8, 2014]

I hope to be wrong, but as Mr. Obama and his minions are obviously far more concerned about the welfare of Africans than they are of Americans, I do not expect to be. See articles (and an earlier letter) by Henry McCulloch.

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