A Chicago Reader Says Don’t Give Up On Politics—And Don’t Forget Immigration (Unlike Ron Paul)!
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Re: A Massachusetts Reader Wonders Why We Even Bother With The Two Major Parties

From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him]

 I would like to request that VDARE.com not publish any more defeatist letters from tired old men whose only efforts in the patriotic immigration cause is to write in Ron Paul for President.

If VDARE.com readers don't want to participate in the the US Presidential election—fine. Work on local, state and Congressional elections. Somewhere in your local communities there is another Sheriff Joe or  Tom Tancredo looking to break through and fight to win for the legitimate rights of our people. And please, let's not have any more talk about try to elect, write in Ron Paul for President. Ron Paul has/had as much chance of being elected President of the United States as he had of winning the NBA slam dunk competition!

 Also, please note that VDARE.com .com is an immigration restrictionist website. Confused, 78 year old Ron Paul was receiving a Presidential candidate immigration grade of D- from NumbersUSA. The only Presidential candidate with a worse immigration grade was Barack Obama.

This Ron Paul Libertarian cult is a huge problem for older Americans who just can't seem to face racial/cultural realities. Ron Paul went so far as to take the side of Arab Muslim immigrant extremists on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist attack. Come on folks, we can do a lot better than this. Let's work to find new, young leaders who can and will face racial/cultural realities and win solid victories for the patriotic immigration cause.

See a previous letter from Left Behind in Chicago.

VDARE.com comments: Sigh. Ron Paul said sensible things about immigration early in his 2008 campaign, but then tragically regressed to the bone-headed left-libertarian mean.

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