A Reader Suggests That Americans Register For Obama's DREAMnesty
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From Reginald De Chantillon [Email him]

A prime weapon used by our forefathers was civil disobedience. Indeed, when facing an unlawful act, they didn’t consider their actions illegal but rather a responsibility as free citizens.

Today, we face a regime similar the one our forefathers faced.

The Obama Administration has executed an unlawful order giving criminal aliens privileges and rights reserved for lawful US citizens. It is our duty as patriotic loyal Americans to resist this unconstitutional usurpation with civil disobedience.

The authorities are bracing for a deluge of applications starting Wednesday, when more than 1.2 million young illegal immigrants will seek to stay in the US with rights and privileges of Americans through criminal actions under the color of authority provided by the Obama regime.

However, even as the Obama regime begins its unconstitutional act, dissenters and advocates alike are warning of potential budget shortfalls and a logjam of paperwork that could mar the program, delay processing and facilitate fraud.

As loyal American patriots, we have a responsibility to ensure this program is delayed, logjammed, and ultimately sabotaged.

Therefore, I advocate that all patriots go these centers and sign up as future amnestied aliens. George Washington, age 29, US born, can arrive, claim he is really Jose Ramirez, age 29, Mexican born.

Who shall deny Mr. Ramirez, that he was brought over on his mother’s back across the Arizona border when he was three years old? Who shall deny him based on his race thereby incurring charges of racial profiling? Who shall deny him an I.D., with rights and privileges to all of America, offered to other American citizens?

Imagine the catastrophe at these centers as, say, 5,000,000 Americans descend on them demanding their rights as amnestied aliens? How about the utter collapse in confidence of the Obama regime?

The only thing the government could do: cease its criminal and unlawful processing.

In today’s America, we can no longer rely on the past to secure our Freedom. No, today’s Americans, must rise to the challenge, just like their forefathers, and prove they have what it takes to keep their liberty!

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