A Chicago Reader Points To The OTHER Gang Named "La Raza"
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From: Left Behind in Chicago [Email him]

Yes, immigration control activism can be depressing. But, one of the good things going for us is that our adversaries are often very stupid. One case in point is LaRaza—the National Council of LaRaza. This leading Latino racial advocacy group has named themselves "LaRaza"—which translates as "the Race". When some Latino racial group called "The Race" gets in my face and shrieks "You're RACIST"—I don't back down. I take the argument that being called "RACIST" by a racial power group called "The Race"—that's like being called "a criminal" by the Gambino Crime Family. In other good news, LaRaza is also the name of a very ugly, brutal Chicago street gang.Chicago La Raza

According to the Chicago Crime Commission Gang Book: (Link below)

"the Chicago LaRaza street gang is an exclusively Mexican gang that controls the the 48th street corridor between Ashland and Racine in the South Side, Back of the Yards Neighborhood... La Raza is quick to use extreme violence to defend its turf —identifiers include
  • Mexican Flag, Mexican Eagle, the gang colors are the Red, White and Green colors of the Mexican flag."[The Gang Book 2012]
So when corrupt, traitorous politicians like Nevada Senator Harry Reid get on TV and state how proud they are to stand with LaRaza on some Hate Crime Legislation, Dream Act treason, use the argument that they are aligning themselves with the brutal Chicago street gang—LaRaza—THE RACE.

And please, everyone, remember the best defense is a good offense.

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